Sheet Flame Cutting

We cut metal sheets on a CNC machine

  • Machine working area: 2, x 6,1 m (8,1 x 20 ft)
  • Plasma source: Formica Forcut 263 WD
  • The machine guaranties a high-quality cut of non-alloy materials up to 40 mm thick, dividing cut up to 60 mm.
  • Our pipe cutting rotator for pipes 30 to 400 mm in diameter, max. length 6m, allows cutting any shapes into steel pipes.
  • Labelling
  • Our plasma- and flame cutting services include raw material, or you can supply your own workpieces.
  • We provide transport to anywhere in the Czech Republic.
  • Sheet cut accuracy as per the ČSN ISO 9013 standard.

CNC cutter: RUM 3000 P

  • Cutting width: 2,600 mm
  • Cutting length: 6,100 mm
  • PIERCE control system, 19" colour touchscreen
  • AC servo system, fast feed at 20,000 mm/min
  • 1 plasma burner with automatic height control and pre-operation height set-up
  • Anti-collision system
  • CAD/CAM software: LANTEK Expert

Formica Forcut 263 WD plasma cutting system

  • Manual gas console
  • 260 Amp source with a very quality cut up to 40 mm ( dividing cut up to 60 mm )
  • Optional connection for stainless steel cutting gases
  • Optional labelling


Sheet Flame Cutting
Sheet Flame Cutting
Sheet Flame Cutting